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church ruins | Detroit | MI | title reference: “If the sight of a ruin seems perilous, I shudder. I feel safe and secure there, I’m freer, more alone, more myself, closer to myself. It’s there that I call out to my friend, it’s there that I miss my friend; it’s there that we’d enjoy ourselves without anxiety, without witnesses, without intruders, without those jealous of us. It’s there that I probe my own heart; it’s there that I interrogate his, that I take alarm and reassure myself. Between this place and the abodes of the city, the nature ground of tumult, the seat of interest, passion, vice, crime, prejudice and error, the distance is great. If my soul were predisposed to tender feelings, I’d surrender to them without restraint; if my heart were calm, I’d savour the full sweetness of its quietude” (Diderot, Salon, 1767).